Saturday, December 24, 2011

Alvin the Elf

The kids and I returned from our Louisiana trip to find that our little friend, Alvin, was back from the North Pole. He was quite a bit crazier this year than he was last year, and Ben & Grace got a kick out of it! Here are a few of his antics:

The first morning he tried to jump start my Christmas decorating. He took all of my apples out of the jar, but I guess he got stuck as he was refilling it with the ornaments!

One morning he had run himself a bubble bath.

He apparently had a movie party one night and helped himself to a bag of popcorn.

He replaced our stockings with our underwear. Thankfully he chose clean ones!

He drew a picture for Ben & Grace.

He talked the reindeer (who is usually well-behaved) into building forts and having a snowball fight. He couldn’t find any snowballs, so he used my cotton balls.

The absence of snowballs must have reminded him of how warm it is here in Texas, because he spent the next night in the fridge trying to cool off.

His sweet tooth got the better of him one day so he rigged up a straw in the syrup bottle.

My personal favorite – he drew funny faces on our pictures.

The last morning he was here, he put labels that said “To Alvin” on most of the gifts. Nice try, little buddy!
We had a great time with Alvin this year.
Thank you, Pinterest! ;)

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