Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nature Scavenger Hunt

The World’s Greatest Daddy strikes again. I don’t know if Ben or Brian came up with the idea first, but one Saturday morning they set out (with Gracie in tow) for a nature scavenger hunt. They hit the hiking trails at Eisenhower Park with a list of treasures to search for. It was a photo scavenger hunt, so there was lots of documentation for me to look through when they returned home. I think they found almost everything on their list. Brian wants to plan another outing in the spring so they can look for more live creatures! (It was a little too chilly for all of the creepy-crawlies to be out).

A flat rock.

A red leaf.

A stick shaped like a “Y”


A cactus plant

Deer poop. I’m not sure if this was on the original list, or the boys just thought it was cool and took a picture of it. Either way…. GROSS.

My favorite – a rock with a hole in it. I love the little clovers peeking out.

A bug.

A yellow leaf.

A tree with a hole in it.


I love my hubby & all of the creative things he thinks up for the kiddos.

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