Friday, March 30, 2007

The Deck

The men in this family have been working hard on a special project around here... a deck! I have been so impressed with all of them - Grandad (Wayne) even showed up with surveying equipment and I can say with some confidence that our deck would beat anybody's deck in a contest of levelness. They had to overcome a few obstacles including using a jackhammer (yes, you read that right) to dig the post holes because our house is sitting on a big rock, and failing to dissuade me from wanting to have the boards laying on the diagonal. It took a few weeks and lots of hands. Brian, Brad, Wayne and my Dad all did lots of hard labor. I even got out there to help lay a few of the boards. Ben acted as General Contractor and did a fine job of supervising the group and keeping them on task. Thank you, fellas, for all of the hard work. The deck is beautiful and I can't wait to enjoy it!

Brian's expression here is not encouraging

Aaron sharing his own deck-building expertise

Seriously... surveying equipment. I was amazed.

Paw Paw is SUPPOSED to be working, but who can resist
that sweet little face?

The finished product - getting a nice spring shower.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Baby face

Ben reminds me of that song: Baby face... you've got the cutest little baby face. His many expressions are priceless! Here are just a few that we've captured recently.

Having a blast on the rocking worm!

Oh, Army, what big teeth you have!

I like you better with your mouth closed!

So handsome!

Smush face - I just want to bite those cheeks!

You found me!

Excited to meet my new friends, Aaron & Joshie!

Ben at 9 months

Spring has sprung and our little bug is 9 months old! A nine month old baby is a MOBILE baby. He is on the go! He gets cuter and cuter and we are having a blast!

Here are the milestones and changes that we’ve seen over the past three months:

Ben got his first two teeth at 7 months.

Carrots were his first food after cereal, and he LOVES carrots, though honestly, he hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like yet. At 9 months he was eating pretty much anything we let him try. He loves cereal bars and sandwiches and anything else that he can swipe from our plates.

He got his third & fourth teeth at 8 months.

He learned to hold his own bottle and then mastered the art of the sippy cup.

He says consonant sounds… mostly bah and da da da

Ben learned to sign “more” and he does it all the time!

He started crawling and pulling up in his ninth month.

He loves his “Walk Along” and anything else that can function in the same way (a cardboard box, the laundry basket, etc).


We just love those sweet grins and chunky cheeks!