Friday, March 30, 2007

The Deck

The men in this family have been working hard on a special project around here... a deck! I have been so impressed with all of them - Grandad (Wayne) even showed up with surveying equipment and I can say with some confidence that our deck would beat anybody's deck in a contest of levelness. They had to overcome a few obstacles including using a jackhammer (yes, you read that right) to dig the post holes because our house is sitting on a big rock, and failing to dissuade me from wanting to have the boards laying on the diagonal. It took a few weeks and lots of hands. Brian, Brad, Wayne and my Dad all did lots of hard labor. I even got out there to help lay a few of the boards. Ben acted as General Contractor and did a fine job of supervising the group and keeping them on task. Thank you, fellas, for all of the hard work. The deck is beautiful and I can't wait to enjoy it!

Brian's expression here is not encouraging

Aaron sharing his own deck-building expertise

Seriously... surveying equipment. I was amazed.

Paw Paw is SUPPOSED to be working, but who can resist
that sweet little face?

The finished product - getting a nice spring shower.

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