Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas in Gilmer

We were supposed to have our Barrick holiday celebration over Thanksgiving, but because of Brad being so sick, we rescheduled for January.
Consequently, Barrick Family Thanksgiving became Barrick Family Apr├Ęs-Christmas. It was tons of fun because we were able to exchange our gifts in person and the kids had a grand time trying out new toys and roaming around Grammy & Grandad’s together.
Grace, our social butterfly and animal lover, enjoyed quality time with her cousins AND Grammy’s cats.
All the kiddos loved rides on the 4-wheeler, but Ben was in his element. This was the first time he was allowed to drive by himself! He was a natural. :)
Yes, this photo was staged. Noah wasn’t quite ready to start driving his siblings around.
We put forth our best effort to try and get a group picture on Sunday morning before church. It’s not easy to get 6 littles to look at the camera at the same time.
By this time, Noah & Emmeline were DONE.
In the world of Grace, family photos are not complete unless the cat is included.
I love seeing all these little people together – it always makes me wish we lived closer. So many sweet smiles!
Emmeline thinks her Aunt is a little crazy.
You can see in most of the pictures that Grace’s face was looking a little rough. She is making a tradition of injuring herself whenever we have big get-togethers in Gilmer. In 2012, it was a cat attack, this year it was a tumble out of the tree house. Oh, there was SO MUCH BLOOD… and her sweet face is puffy as can be. We are going to have to bubble wrap this girl next time we come for a visit. It obviously ruined the rest of her trip.