Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Channeling her inner Gus....

I guess the fact that we named her Augusta, after my paternal grandmother, is not lost on Gracie. Background info: Maw Maw Gus might possibly have been the cleanest woman on the planet. She cleaned everything. All the time. With Clorox. She mopped the cement... outside... with Clorox. She mopped the carpet with Clorox. If you stood still long enough, she'd clean you with Clorox. Grace does not have any loving feelings toward Clorox just yet. However, little sister does like to help keep things tidy. She likes to wipe down her little table, sort and rotate laundry, throw away the trash, and take off and put away her shoes when she walks in the house (which she does with more consistency and accuracy than her almost 5 year old brother). She also cries on the nights when we skip baths. Maw Maw would be so proud.

Lately her favorite chore is cleaning up her dishes. I was in another room when I heard her scraping her little chair across the kitchen floor. I wanted to get the camera out just in case she was up to something goofy, and by the time I did, she was almost to her final destination. Almost. My word, it was quite the process just to get that little bowl in the sink. I love how she stopped to fix the rug after she messed it up (another classic Gus move). I love how she pronounced that she was doing it because she was "All Done". I love how her lazy brother ran into the shot in the middle and put his bowl on the island, because it would have been too much of a trek for him to walk the extra 3 1/2 feet to the sink. (Then, for an added bonus, he announced that he tooted.) Mainly, I just love that they are both mine and that I spend so much of my day giggling at their little personalities.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Grace says Grace

At Ben & Grace's Mother's Day Out, the kiddos say a little blessing before their snack time. "ABC... 123... thank you, God, for feeding me. Amen."

Ben's had it down pat forever, but here is Gracie getting up to speed: