Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ben sings "Five Little Ladybugs"

Ben is singing one of his favorites,  "Five Little Ladybugs". I apologize for the horrible quality of the filming but Grace someone who shall remain nameless was trying to turn the camera on herself. Also, please do not be concerned about the 3rd little ladybug who unfortunately was eliminated when "one of them stepped on the other one's toe." Uh-oh, there she goes!

And... she's off!

We officially have a walker on our hands. Our little Gracie Bell took her first steps (3 in a row) the day after she turned 11 months. (The EXACT same timing that Ben took his first steps - crazy). Two short weeks later and she has abandoned crawling all together. It is so funny, because crawling would get her from point A to point B so much faster. She is a determined and independent little thing. She'll pause, squat, and readjust 10 times just to make it across the room, but she is 100% committed to being a toddler.

Everyone marvels at her skills, not because she's walking exceptionally early, but because she's the size of some 6 month olds that I know, so it appears that she's doing things she is much too little to do. My cousin says she looks like a Weeble-Wobble. I liken it more to a much cuter, less horrifying Chucky Doll. This is probably my favorite milestone, though. It's so much easier to play outside with a walker than with a baby that's trying to crawl around through dirt or on cement. I think we'll be catching up on some trips to the park and the zoo in the near future!