Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And... she's off!

We officially have a walker on our hands. Our little Gracie Bell took her first steps (3 in a row) the day after she turned 11 months. (The EXACT same timing that Ben took his first steps - crazy). Two short weeks later and she has abandoned crawling all together. It is so funny, because crawling would get her from point A to point B so much faster. She is a determined and independent little thing. She'll pause, squat, and readjust 10 times just to make it across the room, but she is 100% committed to being a toddler.

Everyone marvels at her skills, not because she's walking exceptionally early, but because she's the size of some 6 month olds that I know, so it appears that she's doing things she is much too little to do. My cousin says she looks like a Weeble-Wobble. I liken it more to a much cuter, less horrifying Chucky Doll. This is probably my favorite milestone, though. It's so much easier to play outside with a walker than with a baby that's trying to crawl around through dirt or on cement. I think we'll be catching up on some trips to the park and the zoo in the near future!

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