Thursday, December 15, 2011

KDO Christmas Program

It is time again for the Kids’ Day Out Christmas Pageant. Although Ben killed it last year as a shepherd, his teachers decided not to have him reprise that role. Instead, he was one of the Three Wise Men (or a King, if you ask him). He did great. He looked very wise. :)

He was very serious about delivering his myrrh to the baby Jesus as the angels looked on.

The full assembly. Precious.

Grace's class was a part of the chorus. This was her big entrance.

Here she is singing “Away in a Manger.” I was so proud of her for knowing and doing all of her motions. She’s the only one in the picture who was matching the teachers.

My two little stars.

This is Ben’s sweet friend, Riley. They are little kindred spirits. Watching them have a conversation is like watching two adults in miniature.

All of the kiddos did a great job with the Christmas Program this year. Because of all of their practices Ben was able to recite much of the scripture from memory. I loved seeing all of the kids giving honor to Jesus and being reminded of the real reason for all of the celebration!

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