Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas in Gilmer

Brian was able to get some time off so that we could make a trip up to Gilmer to spend some Christmas time with Grammy & Grandad. On of the first things we did was to visit Grandma Barick. Gracie climbed right into her lap for some snuggles.


Grandma with her grandson and great-grandbabies!


There was some fun present opening courtesy of Grammy & Grandad. This doll & kitty were one of Gracie’s favorites.


Grammy had some puffs for this guy. He lost one of them.

Have you seen my puff?!


Yes, it’s the Christmas season, and yes, sledding is fun… but I’m not sure this Texas-style modification is the best idea.


Gracie disagrees.


My handsome boys enjoying being outside… the weather was great. It felt more like fall than winter.



Noah is at a fun age and really likes to be in on all the action. He spent lots of quality time in Grammy’s arms.



He also had some one on ones with Daddy.


The drama of the visit happened because of Gracie’s obsession with Grammy’s kitty. This sweet cat let Grace carry it around like luggage. She carried it to and fro, everywhere she went. She even carried it over to meet the neighbors who had come by to say hello… accompanied by their dog. Let’s just say that the kitty didn’t want to say hi to the dog. So kitty flipped around in Grace’s arms and used her face as an escape route.


Not good. Sweet girl had scratches on her chest, neck & face. Maybe less carrying of the kitty going forward.


Despite the attack, we had a really nice time at Grammy & Grandad’s house. The kids love running around their property and it’s always sad to leave. We did get a bonus visit on the way home – we stopped in to see Kelly, Justin & Sloan. She is getting too big!


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