Saturday, October 1, 2011

South Texas Corn Maize

The South Texas Corn Maize offered free admission for public servants, so we headed to Hondo to see what it was all about. The weather was PERFECT! Thankfully, a little cold front came through and really cooled things off. Ben really enjoyed the maze. There were sign posts at different points throughout and we had to answer questions to determine whether to go right or left. Right up the little professor's alley!
There were a few other things for the kids to play with/on, and they had a nice time. I still prefer the Love Creek Orchard Pumpkin Patch, and I’m so sad that we probably won’t make it out there this year. Even so, it was a nice little outing and we enjoyed some quality family time!
Noah was happy to be out in the nice weather!
Grace, on the other hand, started the day off a little on the grumpy side!
There was a nice little play area where the kiddos could climb and jump on stuff.
Noah and I just sat back and watched snuggled.
But then we found some swings and he was able to get in on the action.
Three holes, three kids. PERFECT!
Oh, Noah. I can’t wait until he starts talking. He always looks so concerned. Poor guy.
This was Ben’s favorite attraction! He was a jumping fool!
This picture cracks me up! Love that crazy boy!
And here comes Gracie. Nice form, kiddo!
After lunch I headed back to the van to feed Noah while Brian took Ben and Grace on the hayride and snapped one more photo.
Thank you to the South Texas Corn Maize for honoring my hubby and his fellow public servants with this special treat!

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