Friday, October 14, 2011

A Tale of Two Wreaths

My Mom is a new home owner and I'm so excited for her! I wanted to make her a housewarming gift, so I settled on a wreath. I decided to do a yarn wreath like this one which I found here.

I also liked the letter on this one that I saw on Etsy for a ridiculous amount of money.

So I gathered my supplies and set out to make my first wreath. I chose some fabric with purple (Mom's favorite color), orange (for fall), and teal (for fun)! I think it came out really cute. Isn't it a sassy, trendy little wreath?

I thought so. Mom did not. At all. Insert slight blow to the crafty self-esteem. Mom said not to worry, though, because she had ordered her a wreath from a local florist. She actually picked it up while we were visiting. Here it is:

In case you are wondering, I'll answer a few questions about this wreath for you.

1. Yes, they did use ALL of the tulle in South Louisiana. If you live in Louisiana and need tulle, you're going to have to travel to another state or come and steal some off of Mom's porch. Wait, yes, that is a better idea. Please just come and take some off of this wreath. There is plenty to go around.

2. Yes, that is a full sized pumpkin.

3. No, I'm not sure why the wreath has a tail, but perhaps it can be used to sweep the porch before and after hangings.

Ok, enough making fun of Mom's wreath (although I do owe her for the sour grapes face she made when I showed her mine.) We obviously have slightly different tastes, right? Luckily my Sister-in-law, whose last name also starts with "G", really liked it. It's now hanging on her door.

I love you, Mommy! I just won't be making you any more wreaths! :)

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