Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Froggy Shower

Gavin and Holly are expecting a little boy, so Mom, Aunt Cindy, Aunt Karen & I threw her a baby shower. I chose a froggy theme to coordinate with her nursery. The printables came from an Etsy store and they were PRECIOUS, but oh-holy-night, did it take forever to cut all of those things out. My favorite decorations were the pom poms & the diaper motorcycle (a fun variation of a diaper cake). I had a blast crafting and decorating for the party. There was a great turnout and a few friends stayed well after the official festivities were over. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

The very excited mommy-to-be

Mom, Aunt Cindy, & Aunt Karen made a TON of yummy food. I was in charge of decorations & dessert. I love how those little pin wheels came out.

The spread was incredible

The water bottles had cute wrappers and we had some coordinating green punch.


The dessert table had cupcakes & chocolate covered popcorn. It also displayed two of my gifts for Holly - the diaper motorcycle and the wooden blocks spelling Michael's name.


Here’s a close-up of the motorcycle. I found instructions for how to make one here.


Aunt Cindy made fun of my chocolate covered popcorn – she said it looked “mildewed”! I didn’t care because it was dee-licious. People were setting up camp next to that trifle dish. The recipe for the popcorn came from here. There are so many options. I ended up using chocolate & white chocolate chips & gel food coloring. FYI - you can NOT use liquid food coloring (or add any sort of liquid, for that matter) with melting chocolate. It becomes a hot mess and you have to start all over.


Here are the pom poms. I think I’ll be making these for all future parties. Thank you, Martha Stewart!


Holly took this froggy cuteness home and hung it in the nursery.


This was a fun shower game. We froze some babies in ice cubes, and each guest put one of the cubes in their drink when the party started. Whoever’s baby broke free from the ice first had to shout “My Water Broke!” It was pretty funny!

Melting babies

Aunt Catherine, Niki, Aunt Karen & Claire

Mom & Aunt Cindy practicing their college girl smiles!

I liked all of Holly’s gifts except for the LSU themed ones. Blech.

The favors were really sweet. It was a tea light wrapped in tulle and it had a poem attached that said, “Here’s a candle for you to light once the stork has made it’s flight. With a flicker and a flame, say a prayer in Michael’s name.”

Thanks for coming!

The men and kids kept busy outside.

Gav & Gabe worked on the bikes


Gracie got some quality time & snuggles

Ben didn’t stray too far from the action. He really got into playing “My Water Broke!” and he was most likely the first to run off with a cupcake!


Noah made his rounds, too, and got plenty of lovin’ from his cousins. He was, as usual, very serious and taking everything in. Aunt Cindy thinks he is just concerned about the economy.

Wee-wah & Wellie-belle

Noah & Claire
Getting a quick hug from my Aunt Karen.

Congratulations, Gavin & Holly! We can’t wait to meet Baby Michael!

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