Monday, November 28, 2011

November Randomness

Our neighbors, the Barbers, have a little dog that is always playing in the front yard with the kids. Our street is the worst with cars zooming by way faster than they should and sweet Ginger was hit by one of them at the beginning of the month. We were so sad for them to lose Ginger – I know they thought of her as a member of the family. Ben decided to write them a note to express his condolences. My little man did it all by himself. I’m so proud of him for his compassion and for how well he is doing with his reading and writing.

The note says, “I’m sorry that Ginger got runned over by a car. From Ben, To Cole and Elise."


Ben was a big helper during Noah’s 8 month photo shoot.


Grace is TERRIFIED of this mask. I tried to make it less scary by putting it on Noah. It didn’t work. She's still terrified.


It looks like Grace is trying to get Noah to give her a foot massage. He is very amused by this.


We bought our Christmas tree when we came home from Lubbock and Ben & Grace did a marvelous job helping me decorate it.


Ben used a stool to get the ones “up high”. Pretty soon he won’t need the stool… he’s already almost taller than his mama. Sigh.


Noah took in a few naps…


…whenever and wherever he could.


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