Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving in Lubbock, Pt 2

Brad came home Friday evening and we had a fun family movie night watching Elf. Our goal for Saturday was to use the timer on the camera to get some family pictures. The setting outside was perfect  (thank you to Brad & Jess’s neighbors for the use of the side of their house). The only problem was the gale force winds. Wind blown does not begin to describe how we looked in these pictures. This was the best one… in the rest of them all of us are looking the way Grace does in this one. (BTW – Grace’s face in this picture is hiLARious.)

We moved the picture taking party inside. We didn’t have great lighting, though, and I’m the world’s worst indoor picture taker.


Grammy & Grandad’s arms are full!


By this time, Noah was OVER it!


I love Addison’s sweet smile in this one!


The next item on the agenda was to make these little turkeys that I saw on Pinterest. True story… Diane had the same idea I did and also brought all of the supplies to make them. Great minds think alike.

The kiddos needed a bit of help, but they were super into it. Addison was super into reallocating pieces of candy corn to the "must eat now" pile. I may or may not have encouraged this behavior by sneaking her extra pieces.


Wayne looks like he’s more interested in BEING a turkey than building one.


They were so proud of their finished products. PRECIOUS!



It was a wonderful holiday! The kids played so well together and we were sad to have to head back home. Happy Thanksgiving!

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