Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The making of Boo & Sulley

"What do you want to be for Halloween, Ben?" Ben replies, "I want to be a monster". So onto Ebay I went. I typed in Monster toddler and a bunch of "Sulley" costumes came up (from Monsters, Inc). Easy enough - Ben loves that movie, and I liked that he was going to be a nice monster. Now, what should Grace be? I wanted to stick with a theme, so the choices were "Mike Wazowski" (a large green eye ball with legs) or "Babbling Boo". Not a tough choice. The Ebay search continues. Do they make Boo costumes? Yes. Do they make Boo costumes for a 5 month old? Nope. Uh oh.

Last year, I borrowed Liz's showing machine and set out to make a shower curtain. Easy enough - I believe the project consisted of sewing 6 straight lines (which my striped fabric made relatively easy). Liz taught me the basics of how to thread the machine, start and stop a stitch, and use the guidelines. Easy enough. Since then I've moved up to burp cloths and nursing covers (those require boning... oooohhh... moving up the sewing food chain). But an entire Halloween costume, with multiple pieces, a lining, and CURVES?

As my husband rolled his eyes (seriously, you're going to take on ANOTHER project), I set off for Hobby Lobby. Patterns were on sale for 99 cents! So I picked up a pattern for a baby bunting, some cute purple fabric and all the other "notions" (hey, I'm learning sewing language), and I was off. Or so I thought. I think I took out the pattern and returned it to the package once a day for two weeks. It may as well have been written in Chinese. Ok - I can understand what a seam allowance is, but what the heck are the "selvages"?! Why does this thing not come with a glossary of terms? Am I supposed to somehow put all these marks onto the fabric? It says to cut two of this piece, but if I cut two out - they won't be opposite. Aren't they supposed to be opposite?! Deep breath. Call Mom. (The woman transformed me into E.T., webbed feet, plush mask, red-tipped finger and all. Enough said). Aaahh - tracing paper and wheel. Back to Hobby Lobby!

I still had a ton of questions, so I was so excited that Liz's sister-in-law, Kayla, would be in town one night. She does so many great sewing projects (she's so creative!) so she came over and explained to me about all the weird symbols and the mysterious selvages. These are, consequently, vital to the cutting process so that my pieces would, in fact, be opposites! Pattern transferred and pieces cut (thanks, Mom & Kayla). Let the sewing begin! Or not... why is this so confusing? Why did I forgo Home Ec so I can take more English & Math?! Failed by the public school system, I tell you!

Ok, so the Lord is gracious and merciful, ask and you shall receive! So I received, in God's perfect timing, my mother-in-law in the flesh for 3 days! Saved! Not only was she available to be my sewing coach and dictionary, but she took the kiddos off my hands for an entire day so I wouldn't have to drag this thing out for another two weeks. I converted the body suit of the bunting into a little dress for Grace that ties closed in the back. Instead of attaching the hoodie, I kept it separate and made Boo's mop hair and googly eyes with a few craft supplies and the hot glue gun (my nanny would be so proud!). Then, feeling extra brave, I took the pattern for baby PJ pants and used it as a guide to make some blue shorts for Ben's costume, since the one I purchased only came with the hooded vest. Done and done! Here are some pics to document the process:

First fitting - a little big, Mommy!

Trying on the hoodie - fits great!

Finished costume!
Finished hoodie!
Grace's 5 Month picture - modeling her costume!
Sulley & Boo - all smiles!

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  1. Okay, somehow I missed this post. Gabi, these are ADORABLE!!! They finished SO SO SO nicely!!! SUPERCUTE. Sorry about all the caps...it's incredibly hard to show excitement over the internet. lol