Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Louisiana trip

At the beginning of September, Mom flew the four of us down to Louisiana for a visit. I had some very specific goals for the trip:

1. Go to the beach
2. Get a stuffed Strawberry Cheesecake Sno-ball with whip cream on top
3. Eat the crabmeat casserole from Anthony's/Toupsies/Whatever it's called

Well, I'd have to say that we were 1.5/3 on goal accomplishment. Our plane landed in the rain on Thursday morning, and it pretty much didn't stop the entire time we were there. We had planned to go to the beach on Friday, but it rained ALL DAY! Mom's yard flooded, though, and Ben had a blast "fishing" from her porch and in the ditch. (We did worry that if he slipped into the ditch, we might not see him again!)

On Saturday morning, the sun started to peek through the clouds, so we figured this was our big shot. We loaded up the car in a hurry and headed down to Port Fourchon. I'd say we had a good hour of beach play time before the dark clouds and wind started to threaten us again. (Goal #1 - Partial Success)

Gracie had enough pretty quickly (the tent we borrowed to keep her out of the sun was broken and wouldn't stay up) so Dee and Dad took her to the apartment on Grand Isle. Brian, Mom, and I splashed and played with Ben a little more before we decided to pack up and head down to the Island to meet them. We had lunch at the sno-ball stand (Nachos and YUMMY sno-balls - goal #2 = COMPLETE SUCCESS!). Then we headed back to Mom's house for naps and clean-up.

That night we went back to Fourchon to eat dinner. I love the Crabmeat Casserole at Anthony's - so I was SOOO excited! Well, apparently they've switched owners or management or something, because it was NOT the same - not good at all!!! For the price of food there, they should cook it in front of you to your exact specifications while you receive a mani-pedi or shoulder rub. Goal #3 = EPIC FAIL!

Oh well, I guess a 50% success rate isn't so bad, and there were additional perks and bonuses. I was able to spend 4 uninterrupted days with Brian and the kids and experience all of Mom & Dee's great cooking. The kids were, of course, spoiled rotten! These 3 little creatures were the highlight for Ben:

Dad took him out to breakfast and then shopping for beach toys and he came back with these little guys. They are his new BFF's. :)

The rest of these are our pics from the beach - there are none of Mom 'cause she refuses to be photograped :)
Getting ready to go with Dee
Gracie showing off her pretty swimsuit (1 piece per Daddy's specifications) and wiggling her toes in the sand)
Checking out what Bubba was doing - not sure if you can tell, but his face was COVERED in wet sand!
Wearing out pretty quickly - nap please!
Ben not wearing out at all (of course). He could have splashed and played all day!

One, two, three.... WEEEEEEE!

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