Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Love Creek Orchard

Last week, we went out to the pumpkin patch at Love Creek Orchard for the second time. (The last time we went was in 2007, and we were really bummed to miss it last year.) Liz, Tanner & Avery rode with us (who's hating the 8 passenger van now? hee hee) and we met the Sullivans there. I think it's a great outing for the kids. There are tons of things to see and do - good clean fall fun! I love dressing up in warm colors and taking pictures - they all came out great! (So this is a very picture-heavy post). We're definitely trying to make this an annual tradition!
Before we could even pay the admission, Ben and Tanner had run off for the hay bale maze. (This was warning #1 to not run away from Mom & Dad). There was a little play area with hay bales for them to climb on (and jump off, if you're Ben).

Grace was too little to really enjoy it this year - next year I'm sure she'll be doing her best to keep up with the big kids!

She is just big enough to sit supported, so we tucked her down in this little pumpkin pile! She was all smiles, having a great time!

This is her "crazy smile" She cracks me up when she does this!

Ben was all smiles, too. He was having fun looking at the baby chicks with his daddy, though we kept having to remind him to sit so that he wouldn't accidentally stomp on a chick. Easy, Lenny!

Trying to get a hug while he was still for a minute! You can tell that he was merely obliging me!

Our next stop was the hay ride. We tried many times, unsuccessfully, to get a picture of the three friends together. This was the best that I got!

Wow - everybody looking and smiling! Enjoying the hay ride through the apple orchard.

This was the result of Ben ignoring yet another warning not to run away from the group. Three strikes and you're out (which is one more than he usually gets at home). The point needed to be made, so Brian found a "time-out corn stalk". He looked so pitiful watching all his friends play in the maze again!

His foul mood was short lived - as soon as his time was up he was off and running again!

Our last attempt to get all the kids lined up (Seth and Brian were ready to kill us)!
Tanner, Avery, Ben, Grace, Emily & Grant

It was fun to compare our pics with the ones from two years ago:
Ben was barely eye level with the hay bales - now he towers over them!

And we have one more little person to sit with us among the pumpkins!
Happy Fall!!!

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