Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Funny day around the house

This past Monday was really fun. It was just an ordinary day and we spent it, for the most part, at home (just us). Ben kept me laughing, though! The first thing we did was a craft project. Last week I came home from the scrapbook store with a brown paper bag and I saved it to make Ben a mask. He helped cut the eyes and mouth out. The he colored it and we attached yarn for hair and a button nose. He was so excited to try it on (and let me take a picture)! The only drawback to stuff like this is that he immediately wants to show Daddy, and Daddy was still sleeping. :(
Here's Ben trying on his mask
And sharing with Gracie :)

Later, Ben was playing by himself while I was trying to get some work done. He brought one of his toy animals (which is the size of a quarter) to me in a plastic jar. He said he locked up the bear because it was biting the other animals. I thought this was a good idea, but I didn't want the poor bear to go hungry, so I asked Ben, "What do bears eat". He said, "Bears eat fruit." So I suggested that he put some food for the bear in the jar. This is what he came back with. You can't even see the bear under all the fruit! I laughed so hard! Here is Ben with his bear and jar of fruit. He was so proud. I've added an arrow to help you see the little bear.

Once Brian got up, I tried to work again (I usually work at the front table), but the three stooges kept distracting me. Could you work with those smiles vying for your attention?

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