Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lubbock Trip

At the beginning of October, the San Antonio Barricks headed west! Brian's brother Brad and his wife Jessica moved from Waco to Lubbock in August, just a few weeks before our first niece was born. (We are very sad that they are so far away, but really excited for Brad's new job opportunity and that Addison will get to grow up so close to one set of her grandparents). Anyway, enough time had passed and we just HAD to meet that little girl, so we loaded up the van, Brian took an extra day off, and we headed out I-10. The drive took us a little over 6 hours, which included a 1 hour stop in the armpit of the World, I mean, Ballinger, Texas. Where, you ask? EXACTLY.

Anyway, we arrived at Brad and Jessica's new house (VERY NICE, you guys!) on Wednesday afternoon. It actually took us a while to get the two girlies to meet, since they were pretty much on opposite schedules the entire time we were there, but here are some pics from their formal introduction:

Blanket time!
Holding Hands :)

Sitting pretty in our Bumbos and matching dresses

We added bows, which was apparently the last straw for Addison

This is my favorite - the girls trying to "over-snuggle" Brad, though I don't think that's possible!

While it will take me some time to warm up to Lubbock, because of the presence of "they who must not be named" I will say it had one very redeeming quality (not including our family) - this awesome playground. Ben loved it and he wore us out having timed races through the castle and over all the bridges and walk-ways!

Gracie liked it!

Ben sitting still long enough to take a pic with his sister. As soon as the camera flashed, he let go and took off. Luckily, I was close enough to save her from face planting into the cedar chips!

Tire swings! They also had an awesome swing with a back on it that was soooo comfortable - Gracie and I hung out there for a while!

Bridges, bridges, and more bridges!

There was also a little pumpkin patch near their house, so we made our way over there when Brad got off work. The sun was really bright and low, so it was terrible light to take pictures, but we did our best!

Grace spitting up all over herself
Ben trying to convince us to buy a pumpkin.

This pumpkin was on sale for $100!

The whole family squinting in the sun!

Brad, Jess, and Addison
The girls almost have the Barrick men outnumbered now!

Wait, recount, they're totally outnumbered! Girls rule!

A video of Grace's first meeting. I promise Grace is very sweet, she just really wanted to get over to her cousin to see what she tasted like! You know, like when dogs meet and they... well, nevermind.
This picture is random and I just included it here because we took it at Brad & Jessica's house. I find Grace sleeping like this ALL THE TIME - both hands behind her head. It cracks me up!

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