Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kinder Family Picnic

On the very last day, Ben’s school holds a Family Picnic for all of the Kindergarten classes. (There were EIGHT classes this year!) It was such a fun way to end a great year, and a chance to see/meet his friends from classes outside of his own. We found a shady spot, spread out our blanket, and enjoyed a yummy lunch. Gavin came over to our blanket to say “hi”. :)


I don’t know where the rest of the boys were, but we did snag some pics with some of the sweet Kinder girls as they passed by.

Ben with Skyler & Elizabeth


Ben & Sweet Hope! Love her!


Of course, we had to grab a picture with Mrs. Mancias before the day was done. She was a wonderful teacher & we are grateful for the way she made Ben’s 1st year of school such a positive experience.


I can’t believe that school is out for summer. It seemed to fly by. I don’t like my big boy growing even bigger, but I am looking forward to filling our days with the pool, library, Sea World, family visits and all the other fun we have planned over the summer. So long alarm clock – see you in the Fall!

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