Saturday, June 15, 2013

“A”, You’re Adorable

Gracie has been taking classes all year with Miss Heather and she has really enjoyed it. We were all excited to see her perform in her first ever dance recital. She did a tap dance to the song “A, You’re Adorable” and she LOVED the song. She knows the steps to her dance, but she KNOWS the words to that song. She asks for it in the car all the time. She tells Ben, “I’m going to sing my song, then you’re going to clap, OK?” Her little class practiced so hard and they all did a great job on recital day! I hope she grows up to enjoy dancing as much as I did!

She was in a silly mood while we were getting ready for dress rehearsal.


Waiting for her turn to go on stage.


Grammy came to help and get a sneak peek.


On our way to the theater on recital day. She wasn’t nervous at all – just excited!


She found this feather in the dressing room and made it her new best friend.


We were super lucky and snagged some front row seats. Noah challenged us to a duel while we waited for the curtain to go up.

It was finally Gracie’s turn to dance! All of the little dancers in her class did a great job! They were too cute!

When it was all over, we headed outside where her Daddy & Paw Paw gave her flowers. We were all so proud of her!


She got lots of hugs and love from all of the family who came to see her – even her brothers!


She apparently wanted a little smooch, too.


Ben finally obliged her.

As we were leaving, Gracie suggested that we all sing Happy Birthday to her (since her party was the next event on the day’s agenda.) So, our party of 10 stopped on the sidewalk and sang to her in front of God and everybody. She was smiling from ear to ear!


I’d say she enjoyed her first dance recital!

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