Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ben's SeaWorld Day

After the Kinder Family Picnic, we decided to head on over to SeaWorld to continue our end of school celebration. How big is this guy?! He is tall enough for everything but the Great White! :)


Noah, on the other hand, is tall enough for NOTHING. I feel like the cartoon Shamu on the sign is laughing at him. Rude.


Our first stop was the dolphin pool & aquarium. Noah & Grace are obviously thrilled to be celebrating Ben on this beautiful June day.


My sweet reader – this picture is so Ben. He stops and soaks it all in, learning everything he can!


We moved on from there and watched a couple shows. Here’s Ben with one of the Azul divers.


Next we headed over to SLWO where we had a behind the scenes tour set up. The kids were a teeny bit excited about going backstage!


We’ve done PR’s at all of the stadiums before, but this time the Sea Lion crew rolled out the red carpet. They went above and beyond for my kids and showed us THE  BEST  TIME.

The first thing we did was meet a walrus. This guy is a new addition since my SeaWorld days. His tusks are impressive. He was super handsome. Ben jumped right to the front of the line to get to feed him.


Grace, who is scared of flushing toilets, being anywhere in the house by herself, bugs, running bath water, floor drains and the dark obviously does not suffer from Odobenophobia. (That’s the official name of the fear of walruses. I googled it. You’re welcome.) She would have climbed on his back & ridden him down the hallway if given the opportunity. Thankfully, she was not.


Noah does have The Odobenophobia.


After we fed Mr. Walrus, he gave us kisses.


Then Ben asked him to roar.


We ended walrus time with a nice, cool spray down.


Next up was some quality time with good ol' Elrod. He’s such a sweetie & a goof ball! The kids loved him.






Family Photo


The kids got a kick out of asking Elrod to do some of his behaviors like roaring…


and talking…


and making the Home Alone face.


Can I say again how awesome Elrod is? He was one of my faves from my Sea Lion days. We’ve both aged a bit since this was taken.
(2002? 2003?)

SeaWorld 012

Joe grabbed my camera and took this close up. I have a TON of sea lion pictures from my SeaWorld days (like the one above), but I’m pretty sure this is now my most favorite one EVER.


When we were all done with the big guys, Sparky showed off the cutie patootie otters.


We owe a BIG thank you to Joe, Sparky & Todd for spending so much time with us and giving the gremlins such an awesome experience!

My no-longer Kindergartener / not-quite-a First Grader had a day to remember.


We were all hot, sweaty, happy messes by the time our day was over.


I don’t think Bug made it out of the parking lot before he was O-U-T. All the kids agreed that it was their favorite SeaWorld visit to date.


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