Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gracie’s Day

Gracie has been asking each day, for a little over a week, “which day is my birthday?” When Wednesday finally rolled around, she was over the moon. She continued to remind us throughout the day that it was “her” day. I don’t know where she gets his from. Ahem.

Anyway, we started our day with BSF ~ it was the last class of the year. It’s about a 25 minute drive so, in honor of “her day”, Grace had the privilege of being the DJ the whole way there. (Normally we take turns). Her playlist was well thought out and eclectic (as always). :)

When we got home from bible study, Brian had flowers and a special present for her.

Admiring her first set of pearls.

Daddy’s little girl!

After lunch we played until it was time to get Ben from school. My favorite part of the day came when Grace showed Ben her new necklace.

Ben: Are those REAL pearls, Daddy?

Brian: Yep

Ben: WOW! Congratulations, Gracie! You’re wearing a necklace of old parasites.

Oh my gosh, that kid.

Ben, Grace & the parasites came home and everyone rested while I worked a bit. When they woke up, we headed to Gracie’s favorite restaurant for her dinner of choice. In her words, “ALAMO CAFÉ IT IS!”

I tried to get a few pics of her outside the restaurant, but she was over me & my camera.

We had another little surprise for her in the restaurant:

Our neighbors came to meet us – Addison is one of Gracie’s favorite friends! We had a yummy dinner and then sang “Happy Birthday”. Gracie was all ready to blow out her FOUR candles.

Until she realized that her Daddy had bought trick candles. Poor girl. She huffed and puffed and blew each of those candles out at least three times. So I guess that makes her 12.

Lauren also stopped by to say “hi” and give Gracie a present. She was stick-her-tongue out excited.

After dinner we headed home to open a few small presents. Her favorite was a Dora the Explorer backpack and a Dora camera & set of keys. She’s been exploring all over the house ever since.

I hope “your day” was super special, Gracie! You are the cutest, most fun 4 year old that I know! Love you!

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