Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fun with the Featherstons

Some sweet friends moved into our neighborhood this semester and we’ve been able to get together a few times.

We were supposed to meet at the pool this day, but the weather didn’t appear to be cooperating so we decided to stay in instead. It turned out to be a really sunny day anyway, as evidenced by the kids requesting sunglasses during dinner.

These little guys are too cute.

The best part of the night was the fresh corn on the cob that I cooked. Oh, wait. No. We didn't have the corn because I shucked it, cleaned it, cooked it (to perfection, I'm sure), buttered each piece, salt & peppered it, and then placed it in the oven to keep warm. There it remained for a day and a half. Hostess of the year, folks.

Oh well... yay for friend/neighbors (freighbors?) that still love you even after you forget the corn. :)

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