Friday, May 17, 2013

Don’t get mad, get sewin’

I hit a big sale just before Christmas and found a cute shirt for Gracie for $4 or $5. It would have been a good price for a basic tee, but I especially loved the little flowers all along the neckline!


She wore it to school ONCE. When she came home, I noticed the shirt had a few extra features. Specifically, two lovely little holes. In case you didn’t spot them in the above pic…


According to Grace, she “cut it with scissors to see if the scissors would cut it.’ Sounds logical enough.

We had a nice, long chat about what we should & shouldn’t use scissors on and I tossed the shirt into my scraps pile. Then I remembered a couple tutorials that I had pinned and pulled it back out!

First, I used this one to turn the long sleeves into flutter sleeves. I made both short sleeves out of the one uncut sleeve. Bye bye scissor slice #1.


Then I used this tutorial to convert the shirt into a maxi dress. You know, because every 4 year old needs a maxi dress. (So long slice #2.)


The piece of fabric for the skirt cost me another $5 or so, but it was worth it to not have to throw away the original shirt and say goodbye to those sweet little flowers. Gracie loves it, of course. Hopefully she doesn’t make the connection and slice up some other pieces of her wardrobe in order to get more new dresses! :)

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