Friday, March 11, 2011


While I was a work today, Brian and the kids headed to the zoo. The weather was PERFECT. All of the animals were out and about, stretching their legs and exploring their habitats. It’s important to get to the zoo when the weather is nice like this, because in a month or so, both the animals and the people are going to want nothing more than to be hiding out in the shade or air conditioning!
Bri took some great pictures of all of the animals. Have we mentioned how much we are loving the new camera?
They don’t let us ride the real animals at our zoo, so it’s important to take advantage of the next best thing – riding the animal sculptures.

IMG_1393 - Copy

I’m not sure what my kids are thinking here. “Hey Grace, when the hippos come by, turn to Daddy and flash the camera!”
OOOHHH, you wanted a picture with our shirts ON? No problem.
Oh, this handsome guy… too big!
Brian decided to take the kids to feed the lorikeets. I’ve never done this with them (mainly because birds horrify me).  Ben thought it was pretty cool…
but Gracie LOVED it! Bri said it was hysterical how excited she was… I wish I could have been there to see it (standing safely outside the bird exhibit, of course).

Gracie + Lorikeet + Cup-o-nectar = PURE JOY!!!
I love spring time at the zoo… even when I just have to experience it through pictures.

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