Friday, March 4, 2011

Girly Girls

I hosted a girls night for the YL girls. My friend & co-worker sells Mary Kay so she offered to do make-overs for us. We also got our craft on and ate yummy dessert.
Here are my fantabulous chicas… ready to get made over.
First they washed their faces and posed for a before pic. Two observations:
#1 Before pic apparently = sad pic, and
#2 No one shared this truth nugget with Lauren.
Jenna walked them through some make-up techniques. Gracie really wanted to participate and the girls were happy to oblige. They spoil her rotten. :)
While the girls were pampering themselves, I was taking this out of the oven! It baked up sooo pretty!
The icing didn’t go on quite as pretty, but it was still DEELICIOUS!
I love my beautiful girls. They are even prettier on the inside. :)
For craft time we made felt flower hair clips. The girls are hysterical crafters. They ask me to plan things like this and then they freak out the whole time because “I CAN’T do it!” and “Mine is not turning out right!” and “Someone sew mine for me… I don’t sew!” So I think 2 or 3 of us actually made flowers while the other girls supervised. They’re so crazy, but I couldn’t love them more!

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