Monday, September 24, 2012

Ride like the wind, Ben!

It has been a long and sometimes trying process, but Ben has finally mastered the art of bike riding (sort of). His school has a bike rodeo coming up, and that was just the motivation he needed to get it together.
About 4 months ago, Brian took the pedals off of Ben’s bike and encouraged him to just push it with his feet and practice balancing. (Who knew that you could remove the pedals from a bike…) Something definitely clicked through that exercise, because when Brian put them back on today, it only took a little while for Ben to take off and ride down the street all by himself!
Meanwhile, Grace was playing with her sweet friend, Addison, from next door.


Noah was working on his own biking skills. Bike riding without pants is a hard look to pull off, but I think he kills it.
I'm so excited that we got it on video! Ben is so proud and we are thrilled for him!

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