Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ode to Rambo

Just after we moved into the new house, we noticed that Noah was forming an attachment to one of his blankets. Everytime we went to get him out of bed, he was snuggling his blanket like this:
It’s a blue blanket that was handed down from Ben. It is made of soft minky dot fabric on one side and satin on the other side. I can’t blame him for loving it so much ~ it is really snuggly.
The blanket is also good for hours of fun. Need a super hero cape? Want to be a ghost? Hiding from your brother and sister? A good blanket should be multi-functional and Noah’s lovey is no exception.
Plus, what good is an episode of Doc McStuffins or Dora if you don’t have something to keep your lap warm?
When we noticed how much Noah loved his blanket, I asked Brian what we should call it. I suggested “bay-bay”. He said that “bay-bay” was too girly for a boy’s blanket. What is the masculine alternative to “bay-bay”, you ask? Oh that’s easy… it’s Rambo. Only in my family.


So, “Rambo” is now one of Noah’s words. (It actually comes out “Rehhh REH”). Still, if you say, “let’s find Rambo” he chuckles (seriously – every time) and then runs off to locate his snuggly blue friend.
This is Noah’s “hands off my Rambo” face.

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