Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Brian!

It was Bri’s birthday this week and so the kids and I did our best to let him know how happy we are that he was born!
On Monday, I told him to take the evening to do WHATEVER it is that he wanted to do. He could come home and have dinner and relax, or go out and catch a movie or eat wherever he wanted… he had the night to himself. He chose to work late, which may be the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard.
On Tuesday we had a family birthday dinner at home. Bri requested meatloaf, so that’s what I made along with parsley potatoes and Hawaiian rolls. There was supposed to be corn on the cob, too, but I completely forgot to make it. Wife of the Year, folks.
For dessert, I made this chocolate cake. It turned out really pretty and SOOOO yummy. It was almost too rich, but we solved that problem by topping it with vanilla ice cream. :)
We all sang to him and the big kids helped him blow out his candles.
Noah wasn’t interested in singing or candle blowing, but he was first in line when we cut the cake.
(“More! Please! MORE! PLEASE!”)
Brian had to work and go to his regular part-time on Wednesday, so we didn’t see him much. On Thursday, he met us at Freebirds for dinner after Ben’s gymnastics. From there, we went to Freddy’s for dessert. The Heistands, Ivankovichs and Sullivans joined us. 12 kids + ice cream = chaos, but we had a lot of fun, too!
Each day of the week I left a little treat for Brian to find in the morning before he left for work. They included powdered donuts, chocolate chip granola bars, Sunkist, and Dove Dark Chocolates. On Friday, I went to work and Bri was home with the kids. (Ben had an early release day). When I got home, we fed the kids really quickly and then left for Brian’s birthday date. He chose to have dinner at Kobe. We laughed a lot at our crazy chef. Then we went to the movies and saw Trouble with the Curve. It was predictable, but good.
On Saturday morning, I had planned a Father/Son day for Bri and Ben. They went to the Natural Bridge Caverns for the morning.
I think this is a picture of the Natural Bridge.
This was right up Ben & Brian’s alley. They are a match made in heaven when it comes to these types of activities.
When they were done with the cavern tour, they did a little panning for fossils.
Ben came home with all sorts of treasures.
The boys got back in time for everybody to relax and take a nap before church. After church, the Eilers Clan came over for dinner and to watch the Aggie game. The kids played SOOO great together. Ben & Ezra played explorers/Indians/spies while Grace & Emersyn played dress-up. After dinner they all went up to our room and watched a movie and we did not hear a SINGLE peep out of them for over an hour.
Meanwhile, Noah & Elynn played downstairs and sister gave him a run for his money. She had zero tolerance for his bullying and put him in his place. I think he learned a thing or two! :)
The grown-ups enjoyed watching the Aggies put up another “W”. We also finished off Brian’s chocolate cake. It was an awesome night and a great way to end Brian’s birthday week!
Happy Birthday, Babe! I hope you know, this week and every other day of the year, how much we love you and value you!

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