Thursday, September 20, 2012

Noah at 18 months

My baby is 18 months old today! This is unacceptable. This means that he will only be “ 1 ” for six more months. STOP IT!!!


Despite my denial of this particular milestone, I have to say that I love this age. Noah is cracking me up lately. He is SO VERY INDEPENDENT. He will let me snuggle him when he’s hurt or upset, but only for 5.4 seconds (give or take). Then he’s off and doing his own thing again. I definitely cramp his style.


He had a couple unusually cranky weeks in August until four molars popped out at the same time. Poor little guy. The silver lining is that now he can actually chew his food instead of swallowing it whole. His lovely gagging/throwing up habit has almost completely disappeared. YAY!


He has been learning a lot of new words. It’s so fun to see language “click” at this age. These are all part of his current vocabulary:
More, Please, Thank  you, Hi, Bye-Bye, Night-Night, Rambo, Milk, Banana, Shoes, Shirt, Car, Ball, Daddy, Mama, Bubba, Bird, Uh-oh, Nose, Eyes.


We’ve finally figured out what Noah has been doing all these months when he was looking so serious and pensive. He’s been forming opinions. He is suddenly very outspoken about what he will or will not eat. By outspoken, I mean he will glare at you and dramatically shake his head “no” when you attempt to give him something that he doesn’t want.
He’s also been forming a plan for world domination, and he’s decided to start with his other baby friends. He was getting in trouble at school for hitting and pushing down other kids. I’ve spent the better part of the month hovering over him and coaching him on how to play. His two newest words are “nice” and “gentle” (which he says in a deep voice while rubbing your head in a manner reminiscent of Gollum from Lord of the Rings).


Another fun thing that we’ve discovered about Noah is that he’s a climber. Luckily his crib has proven inescapable, but he’s managed to scale everything else in the house. The coffee table and kitchen table are two of his favorites. He has almost mastered coming down the stairs, but we still keep the gates closed unless we’re right next to him. He likes to get in and out of the van by himself, and he always climbs into Ben’s seat instead of his own.


We joke about how serious Noah is, but he really has “lightened up” lately. He smiles and giggles a lot and he’s figured out that he can make us laugh with goofy faces or silly noises. He is doing 100% better at school and church ~ there haven’t been any tears at all lately. He just walks right in and starts playing. He is still dragging his blue blanket through the house. His favorite toys are still balls, and he enjoys trying his hardest to get into everything his brother and sister are doing. He is becoming a big boy right before our eyes!
Happy 18 Months, Noah Bug!

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