Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vacation Part 2, Claire loves Daniel

We left Baton Rouge just after lunch on Friday and started to make our way to Milton (just north of Pensacola). We thought it would be a quick little trip, but there was traffic out the wazoo.

We finally made it there, grabbed a quick bite at Pizza Hut, and then headed to the hotel. Mom drove with Gav, Holly & Michael, and they were just behind us, along with Dad & Dee. Even though it was late, the kiddos wanted to stay up to see their crazy uncle.

On Saturday morning, we had just enough time to grab some breakfast and pick up a couple of things at the store before it was time to get ready for the wedding. We got there a little early so we could be sure to get good seats.

I made Gracie’s dress ~ I love the big red bow! She was so proud of it and told everyone, including the pianist up on the alter, that “My mommy made me this dress!”

Noah took advantage of finally having a friend to play with.

Check out this Motley Crew.

Gav was sporting a sassy pink tie. They are the cutest little family.

The ceremony ended and we were ready for the par-tay. Noah managed to land himself a date.

Claire was a beautiful bride. I can’t believe I’m old enough for her to be old enough to be married! She’s just my little Claire Bear!!!

The happy couple!

See… she’s gorgeous!

There was a ton of silliness and cutting up, which is just Claire’s style. (Her wedding was all DIY and it was perfect. She had the cutest ideas!)

Not sure what to do with these two.

Or these two… let’s not even talk about how grown up Logan is or I’ll have to cry.

My three favorite guys.

Ben ate his weight in strawberries.

Catching up with the sister and mother of the bride. Love them!

These two were nothing but trouble. I wish I knew who/what they were laughing and pointing at.

Uh oh… busted! I have the best Aunts!

The bride and groom had their first dance…

And then everyone else joined in. Grace wasted NO time finding herself a partner.

Look at her go!

I'm sad that this picture is blurry, but I can’t believe that my 6 year old is smooth enough to wink at me. He was showing off some pretty good moves on the dance floor as well!

It was such a sweet and beautiful wedding and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Congratulations, Claire & Daniel! I am so happy for you guys and I’m anxious to hear about all of your adventures in Germany!

This is just a bonus pic, because my little nephew is so scrumptious. I love you Michael!

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