Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vacation Part 3, Beach Bummer

The third and final leg of our getaway was set to begin on Sunday morning. We had plans to drive down to Orange Beach, AL for a little fun in the sand and sun. There was a little bit of that, but there was also a LOT of misery. Remember that stomach bug we we mentioned that tormented Diane and all three of our kids? Well, it wasn’t through with us yet. Oh, no. It was just resting up for Round 2. I swear, this disease rivaled the Motaba virus on Outbreak (minus the gruesome deaths and village bombing). Somewhere in North Texas there is an infected capuchin monkey running through the pine trees and spreading this thing around.

It hit Brian in the middle of the night after the wedding. He rallied and hung in there to help me pack all of our stuff up and check out of the hotel, but he passed out as soon as we got on the road. We stopped for lunch a while later and he tried to eat a little something, but again, he just wasn’t up for it. He spent most of our lunch sleeping in the van. Poor guy. We unloaded at the hotel in Orange Beach and he was down for the count again. He was finally able to start moving around that evening and joined us for a brief play time on the beach and a late dinner.

The next morning Brian woke up sore, but feeling much better. I, sadly, could not say the same thing. I felt like I’d been hit by an truck. I spent the first part of the morning revisiting Sunday night’s dinner, and the second part laying in bed, nauseated, moaning, and battling a headache. I’d feel a little better and then I’d move and the nausea would come rushing back. The kids, Brian, and my Mom headed out to the beach and I had to stay behind. Sadness. At least Brian took pictures for me.

Noah and Grace played in the sand.



Then Noah got tired and decided to take a little water side nap.

Ben also played in the sand…

and in the waves…

and of course Mr. Social took some time to make a new friend.

After the beach, they hit the pool for a little more swimming, and then everyone came back in for baths and naptimes. I still felt terrible, so I kept sleeping (and moaning and feeling sorry for myself). When everyone woke up, I felt a teensy bit better. I thought maybe we can finally go out together and have some fun. Then I saw my Mom. Another one bites the dust.
Stomach Virus – 7, Barrick/Guidry Family – 0.

While mom stayed in bed writhing in pain, the rest of us went to Waterville USA. We enjoyed it, though I must say that the brochure was a bit misleading. Can you say “Photoshop”. Regardless, the kids had fun. There was an indoor room with some inflatable slides that we visited first. Then we headed to the rides outside where Brian and Ben drove the go-carts and Gracie rode in a fire truck. After that, I was pretty much done. I went to lay down in the van while Brian and the kids played a few arcade games. When we left there, Brian dropped me off at the hotel while he took the kids to dinner. (I swear, it was like we each took our own separate vacations).

Everyone took a turn on the big slide.



I tried to get in on the fun… but I still felt terrible… about as good as I looked.  I love how Noah looks like he’s saying “cheese!”

We moved outside where Bri and Ben raced some go-carts.

Noah & Grace looked on, wishing they could go, too!

I think they had good reason to be jealous. Brian and Ben were having a blast!

Don’t worry, Noah. You and I can stick together!

Until it’s MY TURN. You’re on your own, little brother.

At least everyone was big enough to play in the arcade.

The next morning we packed our pitiful selves up and headed back home. We left Alabama at 11:30, dropped Mom off with Holly & Michael in New Orleans, and then drove the rest of the way to Texas. We arrived Home Sweet Home at about 1:30 am. I got out of the van and kissed the driveway.

I won’t say that our trip was a failed vacation. We saw friends & family, and the kids had a terrific time. I am SO VERY GRATEFUL that we were all feeling great on the day of Claire’s wedding. None of us had to miss it, and that was a ginormous blessing. We just didn’t have the “family” vacation we were hoping for because we ended up getting sick in shifts. Oh, well. We’ll try again next year.

P.S. If you’re roaming around North Texas… beware of the stomach virus-spreading Outbreak monkey.

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