Thursday, August 16, 2012

It’s NOT a good morning!

Ben & Grace have always been bright eyed and bushy tailed when they wake up in the morning. I thought I was a morning person until I met these two. One minute they can be PASSED OUT and the next they are skipping through the house singing “Oh Happy Day” while sunshine and skittles pour out of their ears.

Noah… not so much. In fact, I usually give him a good 15-20 minutes in his bed after I hear him stirring because if I go in right away he’s usually not happy to see me. He normally gets up between 7 and 8. This morning he was still sleeping at 9:30 (there must have been a late night party that I didn’t know about), so I needed to wake him up. This is what I found when I went in his room:

I walked in, rubbed his back, left and got the camera, came back, focused the camera (which beeps) and he was still like this. I reached down and gently rubbed his back again and said his name, and he finally started to stir. However, this was his response: 

If he’s this grumpy as a toddler, I’m a little worried about what the teenage years will be like! I guess he’ll be a night owl like his Daddy!

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