Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rats on the run

It’s been almost a month since we brought our new family members home, and they are doing great! At first they were terrified of us. After about of week of just leaving them be, we started to set their cage down on the floor with us, open the door, and just let them explore at their own pace. Hammy is definitely the braver of the two. Within a day or two, she would hop right out of her cage and explore the four corners of the play room. She’s very smart… she’ll run off to check something out, then come back to the door of her cage to make sure it was still open for her. Then she’d take off on another mini expedition.

It took Sophie a while longer before she would even venture out. The first time she did, she made it to the futon and the got spooked and wouldn’t come out from under it. Eventually I had to take the mattress off and pull it away from the wall in order to get her out.

Neither of the girls like to be held very much. They’ll crawl across your hand or leg if it’s their own idea, but they want no part of being constrained. I’m still hoping they’ll come around and decide they like snuggles (I know Ben would love it, but until then we’re enjoying watching them run around and play together.

There goes Hammy...


She’s become VERY brave and will wander far away from her cage.


When she’s ready to come home, she races back!


Little Sophia is often content to just sit back and watch.


But sometimes she’ll venture out… especially if there’s a treat involved. She is much more food motivated than Hammy.


Still, she won’t stay out for too long… back home I go!


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