Monday, July 16, 2012

Fun at home – Colored Fizzies

I’ve been wanting to do this little activity with B&G since I pinned it a while ago. It’s a very basic spin on the tried and true baking soda & vinegar volcano. I don’t know about the claims of keeping kids busy for hours, but it definitely held Grace’s attention for a solid 30-45 minutes. Ben loved it, too, of course, because according to him “science crafts” are his favorite.

The kids dubbed this colored fizzies and that’s pretty much what it amounts to. I poured some baking soda in the bottom of two glass dishes for them, mixed food coloring into 4 small cups of vinegar, gave them each a medicine dropper and turned them loose. Quick break for Mommy to take a nap rotate the laundry and clean up breakfast dishes. :)

They were really sweet about sharing and taking turns with the colors.

Mastering the art of the dropper – such concentration.

Fizzies = cool!

Ben’s Fizzies

Grace’s Fizzies

A brief word of caution:
Do not bring baby downstairs (after his nap is over and big kids have abandoned their craft) and then leave the baby downstairs (for 4.8 seconds) while you run back upstairs to grab your phone and use the bathroom. You may or may not come back to find the baby conducting his own version of the science experiment. Apparently, Noah’s climbing skills have progressed.

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