Monday, May 16, 2011

To Gracie From Daddy

My Beautiful Grace,
I still remember the first time I saw you. We were in New Orleans at Dee Dee’s hospital watching a sonogram of you inside Mommy’s tummy. I was so excited to learn that we were having a little girl. As the weeks went on before you were born, I wondered what I was getting into, because I had never brushed anyone’s hair or picked out a dress. I didn’t even know how to dance.
Then came the day that you arrived. If I had to describe your first two years with one word, it would be EASY. Unlike your brothers, you came exactly when we planned. You and mommy came home from the hospital quickly and you settled into a quiet routine. You love to play by yourself (except when you get a chance to bother Ben). You’re very sensitive to loud noises, and I’ve learned many times that I have to talk to you differently that I did with Ben. You have a great imagination and you’re so smart, especially in what I like to call “street smarts”. You are a great problem solver and can get almost anyone, especially me, to do what you want. When you’re in trouble and I’m trying to be serious, you almost always make me laugh by dancing, smiling, or even just looking up at me with your big blue eyes.
I am amazed at how fast you’ve grown from a little pink lump into my little pink princess. It’s so great watching you play dress-up, strutting around in your costumes. Although I’ll never be a perfect father, I pray that I will be able to point you towards the Father who is. I pray that you’ll never lose your playfulness, and that you’ll always know that your beauty isn’t found in the costumes, but in your worth as a child of God and a member of our family.
I've learned how to dry your tears, rock your baby dolls, brush your hair (kind of), and tuck you in at night. As much as I’ve learned, I still wonder what I’m getting into. I’m excited (and scared) for all the things ahead, like the proms, the tears, the boys, the wedding. We’ve taught each other so much, and I can’t wait for what’s next.
Your Daddy

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