Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Puppy Party!

Grace's party theme was a no-brainer, because she LOVES puppies! Most of the family was able to be here with us and we had a great weekend! Gracie Belle was a wonderful party hostess and she seemed to really enjoy spending time with all of the guests that were here to celebrate with her!
The Cake Table
Complete with "Puppy Chow" party favors
and Paw Print Cupcakes
and a Puppy Cake, of course!
We had a puppy obstacle course with
tubes, hurdles, and balls.

Grace's new water table was a big hit!

It was nice enough to have lunch on the deck!
We had hot DOGS! Hee hee.

We played pin the parts on the puppy.

The birthday girl blew out her candles like a rock star!

Good friends!

Sweetie teaching her how to play with her new princess gear!

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