Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last day of school

It’s the last day of Mother’s Day out for this semester. It was also Ben’s pre-school graduation. I wasn’t too terribly sad because we’ll be right back here next year. We’ve decided that we want to have him home with us for just one more year before he starts Kinder.
Still, it breaks my heart when I see how big he is!
Gracie is trying to be big, too. She insists on wearing her backpack in and out. Yes, it is the same size that she is.
If she’s really feeling up to a challenge, she takes on the lunch box as well.
Here she is with her wonderful teachers, Mrs. Kim & Mrs. Tammy.
We love them both, and they love Gracie!
Just any other day for Ben. He went straight to playing.
The kids were all TOO CUTE in their cap and gowns.
They all behaved so well and did a great job during their presentation. Of course, Ben provided some comic relief. There was a boy in his class with the last name “Schwenke” and Ben just couldn’t let it go. He said loud enough for the entire room to here, “His name is SCHWENKE?!” Oh, my child. This is his father’s gene.
Standing up so proud… ready to collect his diploma.
But not without a big hug for Mrs. Monica. We LOVE her, too!
Our little graduate.
This family pic makes me laugh. Noah looks like he’s trying to leave and I apparently have a lazy eye. Awesome.

One of our friends is a wonderful photographer and her son was one of Ben’s best buddies at school. She took them outside afterwards for an impromptu photo session. Seriously, Mrs. Jamie takes the best photos!
Ben grad
It was a sweet, fun day. I’m so glad that I was able to enjoy a “dress rehearsal” this year. I’m sure that when he really has his last day of pre-school next Spring I’ll be a hot mess!

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