Saturday, June 2, 2007

I, Brad, take you Jessica…

This weekend Brian’s brother married Miss Jessica Buschman from Lubbock, Texas. We crammed packed ourselves and Ben’s gear into the Corolla and headed out west to help them celebrate. Diane and Wayne hosted a really nice rehearsal dinner. There were a ton of friends and family members there and the toasts went on forever. It was clear that Brad and Jessica are two very special people that are treasured and cherished by many!
It was a western theme...
I loved the bandana place mats!
Pictures of the bride and groom
Jessica looked beautiful and I heard that the ceremony was awesome. Unfortunately I missed most of it because I was walking the halls with Mr. Cranky Von No-nap. Oh, well! There was a videographer so I won’t have to miss it entirely. I’m just glad that Brian was able to stand up with Brad as his best man. Brad & Jess really are a precious couple and I know we have many years of fun family times ahead of us!
Cutting up before the ceremony - this is when he SHOULD
have been napping!
All dressed up and ready for
the ceremony
Kiss the bride!!!!
Brian, Brad, Jess and her sister/Maid of Honor Jennifer
Cheesing for Grammy
Explaining to Uncle Brad and Aunt Jess
that he hated to miss the ceremony, but he will
DEFINITELY be watching the video later.

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