Thursday, May 31, 2007

Look who’s walking!

May was a big month for our sweet Ben. He was officially weaned at the beginning of the month (May 6th), and now he is all sippy cup – all the time. TOO BIG!
He also took his 1st steps – one, two – right in the middle of the ktichen on May 29th. I was on the phone with Mom and I think I busted her ear drum when I screamed out! I hope my little outburst didn’t terrify Ben – he’ll never try walking again. I know I’m a little bit (ok – a lot) crazy… I was just so excited for him.
Way to go, Benji-bear! Now please stop growing! :)
Love that cheesy smile!
Let's go outside, please!
Helping Dad with some chores - that's my boy!
Looking a little concerned that Brian allowed me to have some
live plants. His feelings are justified. I'm glad I have the picture,
because they'll likely be dead by June.

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