Friday, February 28, 2014

A New Deck!

The deck that Brian built at our last house was one of our favorite features, so building a new one at this house has been pretty high on our wish list.

Brian did a lot of research and went through the permit and inspection process with this one since it was much bigger and higher off the ground than our last one. It was a HUGE project that took a ton of work. We were thankfully able to enlist the help of my dad, Brian’s dad, the guys in our church small group (who will work for pizza!) and even the kids. The hardest laborer through all of this was Brian, though. I know it tired him out to try to find time to complete it between his regular job, overtime, and other family events we had scheduled. It didn’t help that he would find a free afternoon to work and it would end up raining!


After many many months of starting and stopping, Brian was able to put the last boards down, attach the railing, and sign up for his final inspection. He passed with flying colors. (In fact, the engineer that he was working with praised him, saying that it was one of the sturdiest decks he’d seen in 40 years on the job!)


Here she is all done. We’ll have to furnish it eventually, but for now we are enjoying the extra functional space out the back door and looking forward to having our new puppy play on it with us!

1 Deck 2-28

2 Deck 2-28

3 Deck 2-28

I think it’s time for a deck warming party!

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