Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boone Doggie

We have a new family member! All five of us are completely smitten with a four legged, velvety eared, smoosh faced boy that came to make his home with us this past Friday! We would like to officially introduce Mr. Boone Doggie Scrumbles Barrick.

It’s been almost two years since our sweet Army Dog passed away. About a year ago, we decided that it was time to have a pup around the house again. We went back and forth over different breeds. We wanted a big dog for sure, but we wanted one that was calm and mellow like Army was. That’s how we decided on a Mastiff. From there we began to research breeders here in Texas and that google search introduced us to the American Mastiff and, specifically, Five B Ranch in Terrell, Texas. One visit to the website and we were convinced that we had to have one of these dogs!

We spoke to Lisa on the phone, filled out the application, and were placed on the waiting list in March of 2013. Then we waited and waited and waited while harassing chatting with Lisa monthly to get updates on the Five B crew. In October, we visited the ranch and met with Lisa and all of her beautiful doggies. Now we were even MORE excited to get a puppy!

Fast forward to January 7th, 2014, when we found out that Bindi had a huge litter of TWELVE Bosco puppies! A short time after that, we learned that we would be bringing home Mr. Blue! (There he is, sleeping upside down by his Mama’s feet. Fun fact, at 9 weeks, that remains his preferred sleeping position.)

We told Lisa that she would know which one was the Barrick puppy by his laziness. She sent us this pic and said, “I found your pup!” (Asleep in his food bowl. Priceless.)

We really loved watching him grow in the picture updates our (wonderful, amazing, thoughtful) breeder would post.

Lisa posted these two pics of Bosco and the puppies on the same day (Boone is all the way at the end of the line), so I had to make them into a meme for her. I think Bos is mentally adding up the costs of puppy college.

Here is our chunky monkey – looking so big – just a few days before we went to pick him up.

Brian and I drove up to Terrell on Friday and then turned around and drove our little guy home.

He was a perfect angel on the drive (which ended up taking SEVEN hours thanks to Spring Break traffic.) With the exception of a couple potty breaks, he pretty much just slept the whole time.

The kids are completely obsessed with him and are doing their best to become good little puppy trainers.

It’s been really yucky and rainy, but the sun finally came out today! It was a great afternoon for some outdoor play time and a drive with the top down, wouldn’t you agree?

His first vet appointment was this morning and Dr. Carriker was very impressed with how he looked (“He’s perfect!” he said), and with his gentle and calm demeanor. He is exactly 9 weeks old and 25 pounds even.

As Lisa promised, he spends a good bit of time doing this. (Still flat on his back – same as he was on Day 1.)

We are so in love with our new family member. He is the sweetest puppy and cute as he could possibly be! We are so grateful for Lisa and her family and their wonderful program at Five B, and we know that Mr. Boone will make Mama Bindi and Daddy Bosco proud!

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