Sunday, November 18, 2012

Keyes, OK

Brian’s grandma, Esther “Becky” Barrick passed away this past week. She was a great lady. She was very smart and generous and she had a deep faith that came from years of walking with the Lord and studying His word. I am most grateful for this legacy that has been passed on to her sons and her grandsons and now her great grandchildren! We are sad that she’s no longer with us, but we know she is right where she wants to be – in heaven with Jesus and her husband, Neil.
Grandma Barrick has been living near Wayne & Diane the past few years, but she & Neil farmed and raised their family in Keyes, OK. We traveled to the pan handle for her services this weekend. In spite of the circumstances, it was nice to show the kids where their Granddad grew up. The Arthaud family hosted us for the weekend (they were neighbors of Neil & Becky and they continue to farm their land near the home where Wayne & John lived). Ben & Grace loved touring their farm and climbing up on all of the equipment – especially the big combine!



After Grandma’s services, we had a pot luck lunch at the church with family and many friends from the area. It was nice to see Neil’s brother, Keith, and his family as well as Uncle John & Aunt Mary who came in from Denver. My little social butterflies enjoyed meeting everyone there… Noah even tried to go home with one of the ladies.


I was trying to convince Noah to stay in our family instead of running away.

This picture of Wayne & Diane & the kids is a new favorite!


On our way out of town, Brian took us by the old house that his Grandma & Grandpa lived in. He said he remembers the red fence and wind mill, but that there used to be a big barn beside the house that has been torn down.


I really enjoyed meeting Grandma & Grandpa’s friends and seeing where Wayne & John grew up. It was nice to be able to experience this piece of Barrick history first hand. Grandma will be missed, but her testimony is still alive and well and I pray that it will continue to be passed down to many more Barrick generations!

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