Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

I decided to pass on getting pictures taken of the kids/family at Christmas this year… it would have just been one more thing to try to organize. Instead, I dug through their closets and tried to find somewhat coordinating outfits and that’s what they wore on Thanksgiving Day. Before the day got too crazy, I took them out to Mom’s front porch and snapped a few pictures.
They’re not professional photos, but they were a lot less stressful and I think they’ll do for our annual Christmas card!
Before I took all three kids out there, I asked Niki to take one of just me and Gracie to show off our matching ruffle shirts. :)
I love this giggly little girl!
Then Niki asked if I could get a picture of her and Nicholas. I laughed SOOOO hard at those two nuts. They spent at least two minutes straight trying to decide where to put their arms. They looked like they were wrestling and I couldn’t hold the camera straight because I was cracking up.
They finally settled on this, thank goodness, because I was about to pee my pants.
After frick and frack were through, I rounded up my three monkeys. They gave me a few sweet poses. They also gave me quite a few outtakes. I think the outtakes are my favorites!
Someone or something shifty caught Noah’s attention!
The smooch was 100% unscripted Gracie! Love it!
These cute faces inspire me! I can’t wait to get to work on our Christmas cards!

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