Friday, October 19, 2012

Gator Fest

Ben’s school has a big fundraiser each fall called “Gator Fest”. This was our first time attending and we had a great time. Brian took the kids up there to check out the rides and games while I was still at work.
There was a lot of silly string spraying going on. Noah was not amused.


Hey Noah, you have a little something riiiight…. THERE. Got it.
Grace was getting in there with the big kids!
She was helped along by a little coaching from her brother.
I met up with them after work and said “hi” before I headed to my volunteer assignment at the photo booth. After that crazy hour, I rejoined Bri and the kids for a yummy pasta dinner. (Dinner plates from Maggiano’s were on sale.)
Another fun thing going on was the silent auction. Each class prepared a basket or two. Ben’s class did a family fun night basket and a baking basket. I made a set of Mommy & Me Aprons to include. I think they came out cute! :)
We browsed the silent auction and then the kids used the last of their tickets for an ice cream treat before we headed home – exhausted!
I thought it was a really well organized event put on by the PTA. (I am so grateful that we get to do this as a Fundraiser instead of having to go door to door doing catalog sales all year long!)
Great job, Gators!

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