Sunday, October 21, 2012

Game day at Kyle Field

Yesterday we took Ben to his first game at Kyle Field. (We took him to the 2011 Cotton Bowl in Dallas, but that’s not exactly the same thing).
Grace and Noah spent the night at the Heistands on Friday, because we had to get on the road at FIVE A.M.!!! That is too early for this Mama! It was still pitch black when we left SA Town, so Ben caught some extra zzzz’s. He woke up to see the sun rise, which gave us all a little burst of energy. :)
Ben has been interested in taking some pics of his own lately. This is him capturing his sleep-deprived and crazy excited Mommy!
We took turns selecting tunes. In honor of his sister, who had to stay behind, Ben chose her favorite Taylor Swift ditty.
We took the shuttle from the mall to get to campus. It was the best set up. Totally free and they dropped us off right on the Quad (just in time for Step Off). We watched the band go by and we tried to find Uncle Brad’s old unit – F2 – but we didn’t have any luck.
From there we set off to walk through the MSC, since I haven’t seen it since the renovations. Things sure look a lot different. I love how they kept the Flag Room the same, but I don’t know how I feel about turning the campus bookstore into a Barnes & Noble. I told Brian that it felt like I was in an airport.
After the MSC, Ben wanted to play around on some of the inflatables.
From there we headed over to the Association. We needed new stickers for the cars and I wanted to ask about getting my ring resized so that I can wear it again. (Thank you, pregnancy, for permanently enlarging my fingers.)
I am hoping that one day we have a picture of a grown-up Ben wearing his own Aggie ring here! WHOOP!
We walked past this pretty little fountain on our way back to the stadium. Ben wanted to toss some change in, so he and Brian made wishes. (Any guesses what they wished for?)
We finally made it to the stadium. We were there early enough to sing the “Spirit of Aggieland” with the team!
After that, the stadium filled up pretty quickly. Look at all that maroon! LOVE IT!
An early action shot.
Sadly, our day took a little turn for the worse at half-time. It was a heartbreaking game. The Tigers didn’t win this one, we LOST it. It hurts so much to lose by five points when we missed 2 field goals and an extra point. Still, I think the Aggies are holding their own in their first year of the SEC. Two losses against top 10 teams for a combined total of 8 points. This while playing with an immature freshman quarterback under a new coach against fresh and tougher competition. I am SOOO excited about where the Ags are headed. We have definitely NOT been the push-overs that all of the smack talkers in the SEC thought we would be, that’s for sure. Both Florida and LSU had to FIGHT for their wins. So, even though our loss was a hard one, I am so encouraged by our young team and their spunk! Gig ‘em Aggies!
The most important part of the day was that Ben loved it! He cheered his heart out and, at this point, he appears to bleed maroon! How can he not after spending a day on the best campus on the planet?! :) As usual, I was proud of the Aggie fans that we were surrounded by ~ they are always classy. For the most part, the Tigers were pleasant and gracious, too. (We had a very nice Tiger sitting right next to us – poor thing was all alone in the middle of an Aggie section.) There were a couple groups of obnoxious sore winners on the way out of the stadium, but we ignored them and held our heads up high! Win or lose, we are proud Aggies!

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  1. How FUN that you got a whole day one on one with your biggest boy. Sounded like so much fun. I'm sure he'll always remember that!