Friday, October 5, 2012

Bike Rodeo

Ben had his bike rodeo at school today. Brian was off and he volunteered to help with parents who were dropping kids off with bikes before school. They left bright and early… or technically, dark and early.


By the time I showed up with Grace & Noah, the sun was out!
I got there just as Ben’s class was coming out to line up. I believe this is Ben pretending to rev his bike. Vroom, vroom.
I think Noah was trying to figure out how to bust through the boundary and get himself entered into the contest.
Grace was busy making friends. First she got a quick hug from the Aue Gator.
Then she met and bonded with the little sister of one of Ben’s classmates. They were inseparable for the rest of the morning.
Ben found his bike, put on his helmet, and got ready to go. Too bad the wait was about 40 minutes from this point!
The kids were good sports and waited patiently. It was finally Ben’s turn!
The first task was to ride as slowly as possible while keeping the bike balanced between these two lines.


Then they had to go as fast as possible while staying between these lines.

I didn’t get any pics of the 3rd event, but it was a steering test through some cones.
The final exercise was staying in between these lines while riding in a circle. This was Ben’s best part – he rocked it!

Look at him go – zooming around that circle! (It’s hard to believe that 1 month ago he was still riding with training wheels.)
Here is a proud Ben showing off his ribbon for completing the Rodeo! He didn’t take home any prizes this year, but one of his classmates received the award for top girl! Go, Elizabeth! :)

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