Tuesday, May 8, 2012

College Life Wrap-Up

UTSA is just about done for this semester and my girlies are heading off in different directions in pursuit of some summer ministry opportunities, jobs, & general merriment. I wanted to give them a little send off, so I invited them over for dessert and craft time.

I made these fun little printables to put into two-sided Ikea frames. It’s a quote from Elf on the front and a scripture on the back. Idea inspired from here.
I picked up some chip board letters and a pack of scrapbook paper and the girls each made a letter for their rooms/apartments.
Then for some reason, they decided to pretend like they were in a police line up… just because they’re a little weird.
The Usual Suspects. One of them may be Keyser Soze.
I’m 98% sure that none of them will get my Usual Suspects reference, since they were 3 years old when the movie came out. They make me feel so old.
Oh, how I love them, though. Mary, Ellen, Haley & Lauren – I love you girls! I love your soft hearts, your senses of humor,  and your commitment to our group and Young Life. I love your excitement for knowing Jesus and serving Him during your busy and crazy college years. You are all an inspiration & blessing to me! Don’t forget me this summer.
Also, please remember, YOLO.

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